Expansion & maintenance

We get back to basics: the strategic objectives of your online presence.

After a relaunch is before a relaunch

Sustainable and successful content management.

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Your new website is online – you have taken a big step. Now you need to stay on the ball by updating your content and taking care of technical aspects.

Often customers ask for minor reworking or additions after their relaunch. Be it technical, visual, content-related or search engine optimizing tasks – we stay at your side after publishing your website.

We will be happy to support you on the next steps and further attend to your online presence. Only by purposefully and currently expanding your website will you stay up-to-date and successful.

Our sustainable content management services include:

  • Content expansion (e. g. creating new websites)
  • Content maintenance & updates (content-related, visual and technical)
  • Technical updates (e. g. domain, web application or program expansion)
  • Online marketing (e. g. search engine optimization SEO, search engine advertising SEA, social media marketing)
  • Upgrades of technologies and applications (e. g. web server, CMS, webshop modules)
  • Design advancement (e. g. ReDesign template or theme and other design content elements)
  • Controlling & monitoring (e. g. web hosting, website or online marketing)

Some of our services: expansion & maintenance


Consulting & quotation

Our consulting and support services don’t end when your new website is online. We know that many customers prefer to take care of their everyday business rather than maintaining their content.

We know about your complex online presence and will be happy to advise you comprehensively, which of the multi-layered measures to deploy. Classic SEO is just one essential element of a holistic online marketing strategy.


Service & support

Your website doesn’t run as smoothly as you would like? Do performance problems trouble you, your content doesn’t appear correctly, or your visibility leaves much to be desired?

There are many reasons why your website requires professional support potentially. Leave controlling and regular content management to us. We will be happy to work out an appropriate maintenance and service contract (service level agreement SLA) for your content management. Talk to us – we will be glad to help!

We save the best for last.