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System4all - Logo Design

Do you need only five minutes to develop your logo?
Many online presences work like that. But is it possible to develop a logo in five minutes that represents your company, your products and services distinctively?

A unique and timeless logo. A logo that is going to address your target group and convince them of your expertise. We say no because a logo is one of the most significant elements of corporate design, and it pays off to invest in it. Let’s talk about it.

Some of our services: logo design


Logo design consulting

During our first counseling interview, we will get to know you and your company better, and we will scrutinize which measure would make sense now: to redesign your current logo with a facelift or to develop a new logo.


Logo design workshop

What are your company’s characteristics and core competencies? Which message should your logo transfer? To find out, what makes you unique, characteristic and different, we recommend a logo design workshop to you.


Logo design concept

By involving the knowledge that we have won in our talks and workshops with you, we develop the concept of your logo or logo facelift. To accomplish this task, we define your company‘s characteristic service features.


Logo design development

After you have approved of the basic design concept, we start creating. We develop alternative logo drafts from which you can choose.


Logo design optimization

Now we need your feedback! Which logo draft do you prefer, or should we work a little more on one or the other version of your logo? During this step, we coordinate, amongst others, the fonts and colors we use for your new logo in detail. 


Final artwork for your logo

After you have given your„go“, we start with our final artwork. We make your logo ready for printing and transfer it to communication media like business cards and stationery. Of course, you will receive your logo in all required sizes and file formats.

We save the best for last.