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What is the difference between web design and screen design? A closer look at both words clarifies the difference to a certain extent: Web design refers only to the surface of web-based devices. Screen design, however, involves the design of all digital user interfaces.

Be it a website, an app, for Windows, Android, iOS, the usability of a coffee machine or of a car’s navigation system. We always focus on the best experience we can grant users. That is why screen design is about connecting good design with intuitive usability. And that is precisely our expertise.

Some of our services: screen design


Screen design consulting

Do you need a new screen design for your website or any other digital user interface? We advise you competently and talk about your requirements, needs and objectives.


Screen design workshop

In a workshop, we figure out with you the exact requirements for your screen design and define the necessary conditions of your project.


Screen design conception

Based on your ideas and the requirements for your screen design that we found out in our workshop, we start conceptualizing. During this step we lay the foundation for your layout and define the features or usability.


Screen design rough layout (wireframe)

During the next step, we work out a wireframe with all the features and screen content elements that users will see later on. Subsequently, we present you the layouts and coordinate them with you.


Screen design corrections and final layout

We will include corrections, suggestions and requests in the next draft, and, after your final approval, we will turn to the final layout.


Screen design style guide

As we have learned, it is best to keep the creative and functional basics of your screen design in a style guide. You, your employees and external service contractors will use this guide as a reference in your future projects. Thus you will be sure to present your company in a consistent design on all channels of communication.

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