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WooCommerce belongs to the most popular e-commerce solutions worldwide and turns your WordPress website into an online shop. Strictly speaking, WooCommerce is not a shop software on its own, but a WordPress plug-in – which serves as an advantage: In contrast to other shop systems, WooCommerce offers a CMS right away.

Among the basic features of WooCommerce are download products, guest orders, vouchers, upselling, product evaluation, special offers, statistics and established modes of payment and shipping. What is more, the popular WordPress plug-in provides us with numerous tools and design options to individually and flexibly customize and expand your shop – multilingual on request.

WooCommerce was developed in the USA. As you need to fulfill certain premises to operate a WooCommerce shop in Germany, the system offers the required tools like WooCommerce Germanized and WooCommerce German Market. With little effort, we can make sure your webshop operates legally in the German market.

Powerful features:

  • Established shop system based on WordPress
  • A vast number of themes and layout templates you can customize easily
  • Versatile customizing options due to many extensions
  • Excellent search engine optimization due to SEO plug-ins
  • Vast supporting community helping to develop the plug-in
  • Connection to popular modes of payment
  • Choice of multilingual shop
  • Tracking and business reports

Some of our services: WooCommerce


WooCommerce consulting & project management

WooCommerce is an excellent choice for minor webshops because the main features are integrated in its basic version. Whether WooCommerce works for your e-commerce project, we will figure out in our first consulting interview.


WooCommerce shop conception & production

WooCommerce offers comprehensive customization and extension options. We will exactly align WordPress, themes and plug-ins. On request, we will create a master plan for your WordPress shop.


WooCommerce shop creation & design

We will set up the right template according to your corporate appearance, smart navigation, and the integration of reasonable extensions. Also, we will take care of the complete creation and implementation of your WooCommerce shop. Of course, your shop is going to be responsive so that it runs on all stationary and mobile devices.


WooCommerce training

WooCommerce is the favorite WordPress plug-in for webshops. During our instructions, you will learn how to administrate your online webshop, incorporate products, and manage your customers‘ orders efficiently. Feel free to take advantage of our know-how!


WooCommerce extensions

WooCommerce offers more than 300 extensions to supply your shop with the features you need. If anything is missing, our WooCommerce experts develop individual extensions for you.


WooCommerce hosting & support

We will be happy to take care of your full domain and webspace hosting. On request, we will permanently maintain your WooCommerce shop or WordPress environment. Another option is our emergency support as a part of our service level agreement (SLA) – let’s talk about it.

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